Top 10 photos in L’Express (FR)

Guillaume Crouzet’s top 10 photographs for l’EXPRESS, from the 2017 edition of Paris Photos and Fotofever includes Simona Rota’s work / Les 10 meilleurs clichés de Guillaume Crouzet pour l’EXPRESS, de cette saison de Paris Photo et de Fotofever, incluent le travail de Simona Rota:

“J’ai beaucoup aimé aussi le travail de Simona Rota. Son portfolio Instant Village vaut le coup d’oeil, mais il y avait aussi ce petit format (13X18) à seulement 200€ , qui résume bien son talent de cadrage.” ( “I loved Simona Rota’s work too. Her series Instant Village is worth to look at and there was also this small frames (13 x 18) at only 200 €, which show well her composition talent”)


SOS Brutalism, A Global Survey

Some of Simona Rota‘s photos from her survey on Soviet Modernism in the ex-Sovietic Republics are included in this book, published by Park Books (716 pages, ISBN 978-3-03860-075-6). The book is the catalog of upcoming exhibition “SOS Brutalism. Save the Concrete Monsters!” , the first-ever global survey of the Brutalist architecture of the 1950s to 1970s to be opened at Deutsches Architekturmuseum on November 8, 2017, at 7pm

Exhibition: Satellites and Aliens. Exploding Cities

Instant Village by Simona Rota is part of the group exhibition “Satellites and Aliens. Exploding Cities” at Centro de Arte Contemporaneo de Quito, Ecuador.

Dates: 29 sept – 23 oct 2016, curated by Anke Schluensen-Rico.

Works by: Alejandro Olivares (Chile, photo); Anderson Barbosa (Brazil, photo); Gonzalo Vargas (Ecuador, photo), Manuela Conti (Italy, photo), Miguel Ferraz (Germany, photo), Nuno Cera (Portugal, photo), Peter Bauza (Germany, photo), Renaud Guillonnet (France, photo), Roman Bxzjak (Slovenia, photo), Simona Rota (Romania, photo), Ogino Knauss: Manuela Conti y Lorenzo Tripodi (Italy, vídeo), Urban-Think Tank PRO (Switzerland, vídeo), Francesco Jodice (Italy, vídeo), Nadav Kander (UK, documentary)