Instant Village

Instant Village (2009-2016) is a photographic survey of the types of the territory use in the Canary Islands, an environment which, because of its almost exclusive economic dependence on tourism, has been subject to increasing development pressure from the 1960’s to the recent real estate bubble burst and represents a perfect test tube for Spain’s problems as a whole. That the most precious resource of an island is precisely the most limited – territory – further evidence the gravity of those urban practices whose sole purpose seems to be the immediate profit, who have created a topography of corrosive banality.

The photography book “Instant Village” was published in May 2020 by Fabulatorio. A print + book limited edition is also available on Fabulatorio’s website.

Featured in: Volume, DomusLondon Independent Photography, Camera Austria, Eyes on the City catalog, EME3-topias catalog, L catalog