Sov Mod


After having won one of the AzW Photography Awards, the Architektur Zentrum Wien invited me to join a research team whose mission, under the name Soviet Modernism – was to locate, document and study the modern architectural remains from the `60s to` 80s, in the former Soviet republics. The researchers would use archives, interviews, historic photographs and technical documentation as well as contemporary photographs from multiple sources. My survey consists of roughly 800 photographs and here I am only showing a small selection. Part of the photographs were used for the exhibition and its catalogue – Soviet Modernism 1955-1991 – and I voluntarily offered most of them for a public on-line database launched by the AzW. The catalogue was a fast sold out but a preview is available here and hopefully there will be another edition. My photography series Ostalgia was run in parallel with this commission and I published a photography book in 2013.

My Sov Mod photographs were worldwide published on major newspapers, art and architecture magazines; some of them are: