Missbehave seeks to bring to light the underground ties between Big Exit and Ostalgia by artist and photographer Simona Rota. Apparently very different, both works share the same concern about the possibility of the individual freedom versus environments that subtly affect us and condition us. But this is only one of the many connections that intertwine them. The book consists of a limited series of 101 numbered copies signed by Rota. The edition, carried out by Paula V. Álvarez, includes, along with the series, the short story ‘So it Goes with Dogs’ by author Agustín Fernández Mallo, and the texts ‘Apartment’, ‘Ostalgia’ and ‘Intâmplare’ by Simona Rota, the last being based on the editor’s interview with the artist. Missbehave is available in English or Spanish language.

The book is available here

Edited by Paula V. Alvarez; Published: 2013, by Vibok Works; Crowdfunded at Book-a.net

Video Production: Vibok Works; Video Take: Simona Rota; Video Concept: Paula Alvarez / Vibok Works; Production Assistant: Alberto Vilches / Vibok Works; Music: Kevin Mac Leod

Acknowledgements: to all the backers of the book; to Paula Alvarez, Dietmar Steiner, Adrian Bratfanof, Eduardo Rega, Sony Devabhaktuni, Ángel Borrego Cubero, Nadia