MISSBEHAVE: Book launch and exhibitions in Seville

On the 5th of July has been opened in Sevillla the double exhibition Missbehave, organized at Lugadero and Un Gato en Bicicleta at the same as the launch of the book with homonym title,  edited by Vibok Work and co financed in Book-a through crowdfunding.

This is a crossed exhibition dedicated to the series Big Exit and Ostalgia, both by Simona Rota. The book and the exhibition Missbehave seeks to bring to light the underground ties between two apparently very different works. Both share the same concern about the possibility of the individual freedom versus quiet environments that affect and limit us. Also the idea that things, objects, buildings, live with us and have their own life. But these are only some of the many connections that intertwine them.
The exhibitions as well as the book can be found at both locations: “Big Exit” along with the book “Missbehave” at Un Gato en Bicicleta (street Regina, 8) from July 5th until September 7th 2013; “Ostalgia” along with the book “Missbehave” at  Lugadero (street Correduría, 5) from July 5th until August 2nd 2013.
The exhibitions are curated by Paula V. Álvarez, also editor of the book “Missbehave”.