Presentation of Survey Barcelona

Date: March 7, 2023, 18:30h

Venue: Disseny Hub Barcelona

Survey Barcelona. Una mirada fotográfica sobre les transformacions de la ciutat, 2015 – 2023

Commissioned by the Barcelona City Council and curated by Adrià Goula, this photographic survey  – a book and an on-line archive –  offers a choral gaze at Barcelona and the different urban transformations that have taken place here in recent years. The curator’s objective has been to generate an overall image by distributing it in numerous projects of different scale and typology: from large interventions in public spaces, facilities or public housing, to small interventions in the remodeling of streets or squares.

The result is a patchwork of photographic interpretations by 10 photographers: the general organization of the parks and the new green areas were photographed by Milena Villalba; the remodeling of streets and the greening of more mineral areas by Pedro Pegenaute; the elements of the public spaces and the interaction with people by Andrés Flajszer; the public space at night by Aitor Estévez; bird’s eye views by Jon Tugores; green in detail by Simona Rota; the biodiversity by Xavi Bou with Joan Diví; the residential buildings and public facilities and the relationship with the city by Adrià Goula; the interiors of public equipments and public spaces by Pol Viladoms, and the personlisation of the interiors of the public housing by their users by Maite Caramés.

The set of images can be arranged in two ways, corresponding to the two volumes of the book: a first volume titled MIRADES (Perspectives), with a selection of photographs by each photographer with the title of the layer she worked at. And, a second volume titled PROJECTES (Projects), where the interventions carried out are presented one by one through the overlapping views of the 10 photographers.

Survey Barcelona is at the same time a photographic archive of the recent urban transformations in the city of Barcelona and it’s available on-line HERE.

Commissioned and edited by: Barcelona City Council

Curated by: Adrià Goula

Texts Volume 1 by: Valentín Roma and Adrià Goula

Texts Volume 2 by: Xavier Montilla, Eva Franch, Margarita Jover, Carme Pinós, Janet Sanz

ISBN:  978-84-9156-477-5 Vol 1 Mirades; 978-84-9156-478-2 Vol II Projectes; 978-84-9156-462-1 Entire book